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Levi was quite tired and was sitting with her body slumped over the bar in the guild. Mirajane looked over at the exhausted Levi and walked over. "Levi? Are you alright?" Mira asked kindly as she stood in front of the little blue-haired woman. Levi turned her face from the wood of the bar and looked up at Mirajane. Her face was pale and around her eyes was a little red, her orange head band was falling off and she yawned.

"I'm fine, Mira. I am just very tired. Jet and Droy have been off on their own missions since the attack and I have had to go on jobs alone." Levi said. "Can I have some vodka please, Mira?"

Mira smiled and obliged. She left and went to the hard liquor behind the counter and poured the clear liquid in a tumbler and brought it to the exhausted Levi. Levi sniffed the air as the glass was set in front of her. She lifted her body, took the glass in her hands and brought it to her lips and sipped. Though no one would have really known, Levi always drank vodka. Most of the guild always thought she was drinking water, but Mira knew better. It was most likely that Levi could out-drink Cana, if put up to the task. Levi's face was finally colouring up and she felt mildly better. Mira poured Levi another drink and Levi downed it before hopping off of her stool and had a mind not to head home. Levi looked up at Mira and winked. Both women, along with most of the women in the guild, knew of an underground club in town where they all went to escape the men of the guild and meet new men.

Gajeel was still in the guild as Levi prepared to leave and Mira quickly cleaned up. Levi stood at the door waiting for Mira so they could go to the club. A gust of wind went through the guild and the scent of vodka and Levi wafted into Gajeel's very keen nose. He perked up as there was another scent, like pheromones. He was aware of the Levi who drank like a professional, but this was the first time he smelt her like this. Mira waved Gajeel out of the guild and locked up behind herself.

As Gajeel made his way home, he noticed the 2 women making their way into town, so he followed. The women ducked into an alleyway but stayed just in the same spot for a minute. Mira unpacked her purse and slipped into a tight white tank with sequins and a super-short tight jean skirt. Levi changed into a black halter-top with studs and a pair of black skinny jeans. She changed out her orange headband for a silver one. The two women emerged from the alley. Gajeel's mouth almost dropped at the sight of Levi's petite body clad in scandalously, sexy clothing.

The women headed down several more streets before ducking into another alleyway. With Gajeel close behind, and both women knew by now he was following, they headed to the red door at the bottom of some stairs in the alley. There was a wizard bouncer at the door who let them in. Gajeel followed and was immediately let in. The door closed behind the 3 and Levi turned around and smiled in Gajeel's direction. She went up to him and grasped his hand and pulled him forward.

They headed to the bar and Levi ordered herself a double vodka and a beer for Gajeel. He hadn't said anything yet and Levi didn't expect him to. He continued to follow Levi. Levi came to a table and said hello to Mira again and Lucy, Cana, and Erza. They all looked shocked as Gajeel loomed behind Levi. Levi set her drink down as she grabbed Gajeel's drink and did the same.

The music in the club was booming loudly and the scents that surrounded them were somewhat new for Gajeel. Levi tried to get him to dance with her, but he simply didn't move like that. She shrugged and let him sit and the rest of the girls joined Levi and they all danced together. But Gajeel's eyes just followed Levi's hips. She moved perfectly, swaying her hips, hands above her head, and her hair being flipped all around. Cana and Mira turned out to be the dirty dancers of the group and Lucy and Erza danced more like Levi, just moving to the music. Cana and Mira got closer and began to only dance with each other, and suddenly Gajeel realised why those two always had men fawning over them, but never had boyfriends. Their dancing became more intense and Cana and Mira were melting into each other as they danced. Cana's head was buried in Mira's neck and Mira leaned her head back. Cana's hands travelled and held Mira's ass as they danced. Cana lifted her face and leaned into Mira, kissing her deeply. Lucy was giggling and Erza just smiled. Both of them found men suddenly and began dancing with them and then getting off with them. Levi made no move get a guy and only danced. Gajeel was just seeing a spectacle of reserved women, so he thought, turning into dirty little things.

Gajeel had never seen Levi so liberated. She danced with her eyes closed and with her head back. She smiled during every song. She finally took a rest and walked towards him. Gajeel's heart stopped a little as she got close and he could finally make out her scent from anyone elses, and she was clearly giving off some sort of pheromone, because it was driving him insane. Gajeel knew it was mating season for him but this was more unbearable than he had ever experienced. His groin tightened a little bit as Levi reached over the table for her drink and downed it.

She sat down next to him and sighed. "I needed that," Levi said to herself. She turned to Gajeel and smiled. "You should know, I forgive you, for everything, I forgive you. You're a good man."

"You shouldn't forgive me," Gajeel shook his head. "I'm not a good person at all." He was aroused and was having difficulties hiding it.

"I should, and I do, and you are." Gajeel slightly growled low and Levi's smiled disappeared as she felt the vibrations from his growl in her chest. "It's spring, so it's mating season for you dragon slayers right?" Gajeel had the closest thing he could get to a look of horror. Levi giggled, "It's okay, it's kinda my season as well."

Gajeel looked up at Levi's sheepish grin, like it was inviting him in. Levi took Gajeel's hand and led him out of the club. She waved back to the girls and they shouted good-bye over the music. Levi was still holding Gajeel's hand as they made their way toward Levi's apartment. Levi always had an amazingly active imagination. Suddenly, her mind only had images of her body writhing under Gajeel's. She became very hot and aroused as her mind wandered, she also became a little scared and her heart beat faster. What if he doesn't want me? What if I am not his type? Levi gulped at the thought. Gajeel could smell her arousal, but then he started to hear her heart beat irregularly and a smell of fear also began to come out.

They got to Levi's door and she went to open the door, inviting him as best she could. "I can't Levi," Gajeel said gruffly, suddenly angry at himself for making Levi scared.

"Why not? Please?" Levi asked half begging. Gajeel said nothing. "I practically invited you out with me and you didn't dance with me, so I let you watch which I never do. I practically am inviting you for sex!" Levi was actually angry.

"How can I have sex with you if you're afraid of me? I can smell your fear!" Gajeel roared.

"You're not smelling me right, it's not the fear of you making love to me, it's the fear that you won't make love to me," Levi admitted angrily. "I have wanted you for the longest time and now when I knew you would be most likely inclined to say yes without really thinking about it, you think I am afraid of you?"

"I smell the fear, Levi!" Gajeel shouted, but less angrily. "You still don't get it!" Levi shouted. "What?" "I am in love with you! How can you be this stupid?" Levi wanted to cry.

Gajeel was taken aback in shock as he watched Levi's face. She began to tear up. He took her chin and crushed his lips into hers. She whimpered slightly at the feeling and wanting to cry. Gajeel slipped his tongue in Levi's mouth and they kissed each other harder. Gajeel took Levi's waist and pressed her body against his. She wrapped her hands around Gajeel's neck and jumped up, wrapping her legs around Gajeel's waist. He stumbled into the apartment, slamming the door behind him and was desperately searching for the bed but settled for the couch.

Gajeel wanted to devour every inch of her and Levi wanted to be ravaged sooner than later. Gajeel sat on the couch with Levi straddling his lap. She could feel him growing harder between her legs and moved back and forth as Gajeel kissed her jaw line and down her neck. Levi leaned back arching her back as Gajeel stripped off her top, to reveal no bra. "What a dirty little thing you are, Levi." Gajeel mused as he took in the view of her perky petite chest. Levi got up and tugged off her tight jeans revealing a black lace thong. Gajeel threw off his t- shirt and jeans, along with his boxers.

He came up to Levi and held her close as the stood. He leaned down to kiss her and she stood on her tip toes to meet his lips. She felt the length of his cock press against her lower stomach. She became wetter wanting him and he could smell her, like passion crushing over her in a wave. He bent down grabbed Levi's thighs, picking her up as they kissed. He finally found the bed and laid her down. He started at her neck, leaving hot and wet kisses down her fair skinned body. Levi revelled in every touch. Gajeel then took her leg and kissed the inside of her knee and up the inside of her thigh. He got to Levi's black panties and quickly ripped then off. Levi gasped as Gajeel's head dove in between her legs, sucking up her juices and found her clit, flicking it with his tongue.

Levi moaned and writhed, holding Gajeel's hair with her little hands. Gajeel came up and inserted a large finger between her wet lips. Levi moaned and gasped as he added another finger. He came up on her body and kissed her deeply, moving his fingers inside her. Gajeel got up and spread Levi's legs. Cool air rushed over Levi's exposed pussy and she writhed, needing more. Gajeel positioned himself at her entranced and slowly pushed himself in.

"Gajeeeeeeel," Levi moaned and swallowed hard. "Please deeper, more."

Gajeel complied and buried himself completely in her. She wiggled against him immediately and Gajeel began to pump in and out of her really fast and hard. Levi moaned and panted with ecstasy. She wanted to shout as Gajeel moved in and out of her. Gajeel moaned low as Levi sucked him deep into her with every thrust. Gajeel brought her up and she sat straddling his lap again. She bounced up and down in his lap as fast as she could, holding on to Gajeel's neck. Gajeel reached for her ass and held on, helping her go up and down on his cock. He reached between them and went directly for Levi's clit. Levi moaned and threw her head back. The intensity was so intense. Levi finally came without any warning to Gajeel. He body tensed and tightened around Gajeel's cock and he came deep in her. "Levi." He panted hard as he came.

Gajeel fell back and Levi curled up next to him with one leg over his waist and they fell asleep.

Morning finally came and Levi woke before Gajeel. She was already aroused and leapt on top of him and kissed him. He woke up and looked up at the little blue haired mage straddling him with a devilish grin. He smiled and moved himself awake. "Wake –up sex?" he asked. But before he could get an answer, he moaned as he felt Levi's mouth descend on his cock. He was very quickly hard as Levi's tongue flicked around all over his cock.

Gajeel suddenly sat up and kissed Levi hard. Both were just as aroused as they were the night before. Levi jumped off the bed and Gajeel followed. He pinned her against the wall and swiftly entered her. "Ahhh," Levi screamed with delight. Her legs wrapped around his waist giving him better access as he thrust relentlessly into her. She held onto his neck and whispered 'bed', into his ear. He walked her over to the bed and out leaned her over the side, with only her torso on the bed. He went in behind her and began again, thrusting almost violently into her. She moaned louder and louder. Levi's body began to shudder as she came violently. Gajeel came just from the pressure of her body shortly after, riding out her high gently.

"Wow, I really hope we have more days like that," Levi smiled as she walked naked into her kitchen to get them both something to eat. Gajeel smiled and pecked her gently before sitting and watching her.




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